Lawn Care by Planet Earth Landscape Management

Lawn Care by Planet Earth Landscape Management

Environmentally friendly, full-service lawn care!


Description of Services

Water is our most precious resource. I can start-up, evaluate and manage your irrigation system to reduce waste and ensure efficient use of water as part of our full-service landscape management package. We can also install devices that will help prevent water waste.

I offer weekly mulch mowing of your lawn. I will cut in a different direction each week, at a height of three inches to promote water conservation, and will mulch the clippings. Mulched clippings do not cause thatch, but benefit your lawn in many ways by reducing waste and increasing nutrients, moisture, and beneficial organisms. As a result, your fertilization needs will diminish, thus decreasing nitrogen run-off.

My fertilization program incorporates Alpha One plant-based fertilizers, which are produced here in Colorado. These fertilizers are ideal for our alkalized soils. I will spot spray as needed for weed control. Healthy plants are naturally disease resistant and do not require excessive chemical applications.

Aeration alleviates soil compaction and thatch build-up, while allowing water, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate and stimulate the turf. We use a core aerator, which leaves a plug. This plug is left on the lawn to dry until mowing. Watering and mowing breaks up this plug, and redistributes the beneficial soil, nutrients, and microbes over your lawn.

Our Philosophy


With an emphasis on plant-based fertilizers and extensive knowledge of irrigation combined with 30 years of experience in all phases of the landscape industry, Chris Clemens and Planet Earth Landscape Management offer an Earth-friendly alternative.

"Your own environment is the only one in the world that you actually have control over.  Why would you coat it with chemicals, and then send your kids and pets out to play?"  -Chris Clemens

Chris Clemens

Although we are licensed for chemical use, we believe that a properly cared for landscape does not need to be blanketed with poisons.

We prefer to spot spray as needed for weed control, for clients who understand that a beautiful lawn and garden do not have to be toxic to be enjoyed.  Healthy plants are naturally disease resistant and do not require excessive chemical applications.

Our comprehensive commercial and residential landscape management package includes sprinklers, mulch mowing at a three-inch height for maximum water conservation, aeration, plant-based rather than petroleum-based fertilization, and dormant tree and shrub pruning.

You can count on us to care for your environment year round in a way that takes care of the Earth as well.  We evaluate and manage your sprinkler systems to ensure efficient use of water.

Chris Clemens, our owner, has a background in the landscape service industry that includes working for big companies and owning his own small landscape business in Metropolitan Denver, as well as 10 years working with landscape companies and golf courses on the Western Slope.

A lifetime spent outdoors has given Chris an appreciation for the natural world, and his education and professional skills help him share that appreciation with a select local clientele.

Want to transform your tired, lackluster lawn into a lush landscape? A green showplace where you can spread out a blanket, and have a picnic?

Turn your landscape over to us, and we will take care of everything.

To learn more, call Planet Earth Landscape Management at (970) 260-8855.

We will care for your landscape in a way that takes care of the Earth as well.